1 Click Install Scripts
To the right is a list of our current 1 click install scripts for Arma3
  • Server Welcome Messages
  • Server Spawn Gear
  • Status Bar
  • VEMF AI Missions
  • Earplugs
  • HS Blackmarket
  • Random Loot Crates
  • Dayz Style Heli Crash Sites
Fastpoint Gaming has been Acquired by
Woodhouse Gaming!
WE HAD GONE LIVE ON 06/01/2017. But, With the negitivity surrounding old Fastpoint we decided to put Fastpoint on hold. So, the time has come! we have upgraded to the best server we can find and are rebuilding FastPointGaming.
Get 10% Off your first 3 months at FastPoint Gaming. (This is for getting any of the bugs worked out.)
Use coupon code MERGED to get 10% off when we launch!